The Road to Today

When I was 7 years old, my teacher asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I replied with two words; two words that perhaps on some unfathomable, subconscious level would determine my fate for the rest of my life. Ten years later, here I am; a goofy, English writer, living to make dreams come true, in the form of fine literature. The path to today was not so straight forward, though. It was dark, and winding, and on some days, I thought it would never cease. Ever since I was young, growing up in a world seemingly full of so much pain and suffering, my inevitable dream was to save people; to help those in need.

Throughout my live I’ve aspired to pursue all sorts of professions; from scientist, to doctor, to royal marine. However, as I got older, I came to the realisation that there is another way to save people; perhaps one of the most delicate procedures of all – writing. As the extraordinary Virginia Woolfe once said, ‘books are the mirrors of the soul’, and when I write, I do it not just for myself and for my dreams, but for those in the world that seek solace and hope and characters who are not just entirely unique in every way, but also unequivocally relatable. 

‘Depression may rain down on me like a hail of bullets that promises to prevail, fear may even strive to drown me – day in, day out, like the shore of a merciless sea; and perhaps I will always be asunder these dark clouds of pain and sorrow, but I will cry in the rain no more; for I have learnt to dance in it instead – and I will do so for the rest of time. Even better, I know that I won’t be dancing alone.’ – The Book Man of New Orleans

‘Over the years I’ve come to accept that sometimes bad things just happen, and all we can do is just keep on going, even though it hurts – just keep on going, through the storm, through the darkness and uncertainty, until one day, we reach the light again.’

– Mrs. Roberts, The Book Man of New Orleans – Out Soon.

A letter to the broken – Stay.

Dear my wonderful fellow readers and writers,
I have a message for you all… S.T.A.Y! In this age of modernity and disaster, mental illness seems more prominent than ever, and not just seems… it is. Life in the 21st century is more than strenuous, in fact, it’s near impossible! We are living in an age of corruption and instability. Therefore, I for one completely understand if sometimes, you just want to stop the world and get off.

Let’s just forget about age, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, religion, whether you have mental illness or not, the past, and all of that, just for a moment. Differences aside, we are all human, and we all have one thing in common; Pain. We’ve all felt it, in one way or another, whether that pain resides in the mind or body, we all experience it. It’s part of being alive. Pain is an ever-present aspect of life. It’s present in birth, life, and in death. However, in life, you’ll often find that the most beautiful of things derive from the most unimaginable pains.

Look at the creation of our very planet. The world literally tore itself apart, and practically blew itself up to create the beauty that we now call planet Earth. Look at the creation of life. Two people came together to create you, to create all of us. A mother endured great suffering to give birth to you; an extraordinary, breathing, living soul, with the ability to change the world.

Pain is alchemy, when you think about it; a catalyst – to the extraordinary. 

So if you do just want to stop the world and get off, then I have a message for you. Stay – Please. Yeah, you. You – reading this right now. I know that life can be unbearable some days, perhaps even every day. Maybe it always has been. Everything’s simply just too much sometimes; I understand that. The thoughts, the feelings, the ruthlessness of life. But hell, are you all strong – to still be here. Still breathing. Still hoping. Still living. You’re f**king amazing, and you know what? Everything’s going to be okay. Perhaps not always – unfortunate things will always happen; it’s the hapless way of life. Things will always get difficult to bear sometimes, but they will get better again. They always do, and that’s a promise. 

So Stay – Please. Not for me – not for this crazy, old English writer, but for everyone who cares about you. For your present or future partner, but most importantly of all…
For you, because you’re worthy, and you’re beautiful, but most of all, you’re extraordinary.

Do the world a favour, and chase your God damn dreams.

Wishing you all the best,

Ashley Green

A message to the lost writers

Oftentimes I feel that no amount of words, no matter how eloquent or sincere, could ever describe the incomprehensible magic and wonder that occurs in the mind of a writer. We have entire worlds inside of our heads. Entire people – and not only do we live with the minds of our own, we live with the minds of our characters; the people that we create. There’s always so much going on inside of our heads. It’s no wonder that we struggle to get it down onto paper every now and then. Nevertheless, persevere, because although we may doubt ourselves, what’s meant to be written will be written. Trust the pen. Trust the art of imagination.

Remember, the world is waiting for you – for your work. 


Best wishes to you all,
Ashley Green

Thank you

I’m delighted to announce that ‘the Turtledove’ went down a storm… Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all of you who read it, and reviewed it on Amazon. I cannot wait to share more of my stories with you. Here’s to many more.

Best wishes,
Ashley Green