6 ways you can be kind today

As all of you know, life is not always a smooth, serene sea of peace and happiness. For many of us, more often than not, it’s lonely, and difficult, and sometimes it can even feel like things are never going to get better, no matter what. Despite this fact, many people to this day still choose to embrace conflict and dispute over love and compassion, which in turn, just creates more suffering and unhappiness.

Imagine how much more pleasant the world would be, if we were all to be just a little more kind, a little more understanding towards one another. Even the smallest acts of kindness can make someone’s day – week, month, even – think back to a time when you weren’t in the best place, when things weren’t quite going your way, and think of something that someone said or did that made you feel just that little bit better, and focus on how it made you feel. Now, imagine giving someone else the blessing of that feeling. Kindness is completely transmissible – meaning it’s practically contagious; even the littlest acts of kindness have the power to create a lasting wave of hope that flows through hundreds of people. Below, I’ve come up with a list of 6 ways that you can be kind today (or any day, as a matter of fact) so that you can create your own wave of hope throughout those you care about…

  1. Be a good friend – a simple ‘how are you?’ every now and then can really make a difference, especially when someone’s feeling down and needs to talk to someone. You could be that someone – and it usually works both ways, so it’s good to maintain that mutual friendship were you can both talk to one another. 
  2. Make someone a cup of tea or coffee – ‘do you want a cup of tea (or coffee)’; I know my face always lights up when I hear those words. It might be a small gesture, but that small gesture can be enough to remind someone that they matter, plus, who doesn’t love tea? (Weirdos!)
  3. Compliment somebody – This one can go a really long way to increasing somebody’s self love and confidence. Whether it be ‘your hair looks nice,’ ‘you have beautiful eyes’ or ‘I love your outfit’ it’s sure to enchant their face with a beaming smile.
  4. Hug somebody – Not only is it a great way to show somebody that you care, hugging also triggers a release in Oxycontin, which causes a drop stress hormones and even lowers the heart rate,  so you could say that hugging is a natural remedy for stress and anxiety. Hugs all around!
  5. Make time for people – Watch a film, grab coffee, or just sit and talk with someone. Even just an hour of spending time with somebody else will more than likely lift their mood – and (hopefully) yours too! 
  6. Be forgiving – Anger, betrayal, fear – all of these things can potentially eat us up from the inside out if we don’t get them under control. Perhaps you’ve been let down by someone, perhaps they betrayed you in a way you never thought they would, but by holding on to all of these painful feelings, you’re getting hurt even more. Forgiveness is the natural healing remedy to all of the above, so (although it will take time, as everything worth it in life does) forgive and eventually, let go, so that you (and all other parties) can finally heal and move on. 

These are just a few small ways that you can be kind to someone today, but remember -more often than not, it’s the small things in life that make a difference. 

Best wishes, and be kind, always

Ashley Green

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