‘Lovers’ – Anonymous

How can we love and pray within our lover’s arms?

If by that which we denounce the love of hearts

To be sexless. Non-binary. Why must it be

That we, part of God’s family, are not allowed

To be proud of our identity; instead we suffer in

Silence and suicide and shame and the Church

Never utters its name.


Told young I would burn alive if I

gave in to the internal thrive

of desire for whomever it was back then I

wanted in my arms. Why can’t they see that

there is no harm, that we are too

Children of God and just want some calm in this world?


What gets me the most is that they see

Him as the Big Guy, so the Big Book must be followed

To a tee. Perfectly. No doubt that some would go ballistic

If they didn’t stick to their logistics

Because in this world that’s twisted, sick,

I am just a misfit.


I do not go to Church. It would not be fun

To be shunned whilst in the hand of your loved one

Who, by Christ, happens to be a woman.

Forgive us these sinners

I will pray for you

If you have that attitude, then I will see you in Hell my dear.

My blood shall not boil just because I am queer.


The Devil may care but the Lord does not.

Now, I’m pretty damn lucky with the life I’ve got

So you can’t throw all that away and say that

I’m a sinner cos I’m gay but don’t you see

I’m getting thinner cos your words are oppressing me,

Striking and undressing me to leave me exposed

In a world posed to strike. Did I have a say?

Do I have a right?


No choices, it’s biology;

Better than that it’s spiritually

A work of art, the human heart

And I won’t let it shame me.

So for all those in the dark space

Of the closet cos they can’t face

The light of day, who pray

To a God they don’t think loves them

But He does and it’s okay

To hold your head up high when weighed

Down by the incessant shaming

And bullies and naming as

Beneath it all,

Somebody loves you.


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